Our Vision

The Ubuntu Fund Initiative long term vision is mainly summarized in five main complementary aspects:

  • Diaspora- To see all Africans in the Diaspora and other outside individuals, organizations, associations, groups and institutions who have got a commitment to Africa coming together to work towards her development.
  • Self Reliance- To see all Africans depending on themselves to solve their economic hardships and other challenges both in the short and long term. That means, relying on our own human and financial capital for our survival and sustainability.
  •  Self Empowerment- To see all Africans help each other in developing long term sustainable means of income generation.
  • Self Trust- To see an African environment with its people having full self-trust, self-belief and self-confidence in their capabilities and creative minds.
  • Channel our own Destiny- To see Africans having an attitude of commitment, responsibility, accountability and empathy towards each other (people), resources and even their core existence. The future for Africa lies in the hands of ‘we the people of Africa’.