Samuel Aryee is a Ghanaian and has lived in The Netherlands since 1992.
He is an Entrepreneur and human rights activist. He has involved in a lot of Ghanaian Community and grass roots projects and initiatives both in The Netherlands and Ghana. This has given him unique skills, experience and network. Currently he is a co-initiator of a Collective Investment project called “Ubuntu Fund Initiative” been pursued by some highly motivated group of African nationals.

Samuel as he is popularly called first worked as Electrical Maintenance and Materials Control Analyst staff at Volta River Authority in Ghana for eight (8) years and then as a Financial Administrator for some key multinational companies for six (6) years in The Netherlands before he decided to set up his own company in 2008. The companies he worked for include KPNQuest NV, Canon Europe NV, Readers Digest NV and Diadeo Nedeland BV. During the time of running his company, some of the programs he was involved with were the Private Sector Imitative (PSI), Matchmaking Facility operated by the Dutch Ministries of Foreign, Economic Affairs and Development Co-operation. He was also involved in Small and medium-sized Enterprise (SME’s) and micro financing projects and also sourcing for trade and investment partners and funds/loans for companies in Africa. As a human rights activist Samuel manages a youth organization called African Youth Initiative for Peace Keeping (AMYIP) to carry out campaign, awareness creation and advocacy projects on the right of the child and youth policies in The Netherlands and Europe.

Samuel holds Diploma (Full Tech.) in Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Certificate in Integrated Human Rights Education (IHRE) and pursing an Advanced Academic Diploma course in Global Studies.