The Ubuntu Fund is a long journey open to all who are excited about being on board the beautiful train from Cape Town to Cairo. The journey we believe will include the passionate, compassionate, courageous and the walk the talk game changers who are tired of getting tired of the status quo in Africa.

Our mission is crucially to: “Mobilize all Africans in the Diaspora and friends of Africa to discuss, contribute (both human and financial resources) and work collectively towards the development of African individuals, communities, societies and countries”.

General objectives of the initiative
Now Just take a deep compassionate breath and imagine this:
From the nearly 300.000 Africans living in the Netherlands , let’s assume there are 20.000 willing to contribute at least 120 Euros annually (10 euro a month) in a Collective Investment Fund. This implies 2.400.000 Euros a year. This amount is higher than the official allocated budget to Migration and Development by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (1.000.000 Euros).

Long term result

By embracing this new approach, the African Diaspora will acquire the ability to operate at macro- economic level in countries of origin and increase their impact on development.

General objectives of the initiative
The Ubuntu Fund is a collective investment fund that provides an innovative approach to leveraging the money from the Diaspora to invest in businesses with high return on investment in Africa.

Moving the African Diaspora from the position of observers in development issues to the one of decision makers and initiators of own targeted development priorities in Africa.

Dutch companies and organizations will be involved by the implementation and realization of the different projects. Doing so, the fund can be seen as a tool for African migrants, to contribute to the economical wealth of their host country, the Netherlands.

Beside on the focus areas with high return on investment , the fund will invest in social enterprises projects introduced by African migrants and Dutch private initiatives.

Main issue
The African Diaspora, constitute the greatest Africa’s offshore asset. In many African countries, the total remittances have exceeded the total package of development aid or inflow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Unfortunately, little effort has been made to find out how best these considerable growing amounts of transferred money could be used effectively to reduce vulnerability and dependence of benefiting family and to eradicate poverty in African countries.

In most cases, the money transferred to family members is used to resolve urgent problems or to fulfill immediate needs related to health, education and social matters. Little or no remittances are transferred to be invested in businesses that create permanent jobs and generate income; and ultimately allow beneficiaries (parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, friends, etc.) to address their needs while catering their needs in the future and therefore financial self-reliance.

It is high time for Africans who send money back to think, act differently and start a process of collective investment into businesses that create jobs and generate wealth in countries of origin.