An Ubuntu shareholder benefits twice

The Ubuntu fund is inclusive and so it is open to Dutch citizens and organizations, allowing them to contribute effectively to the eradication of poverty in African countries.

To ensure reliability and trust, this fund will be managed by a Dutch bank, being controlled by a board of shareholder’s representatives. The Dutch partner will be chosen through the approval of the majority of this board.
The Ubuntu Fund is a long journey open to all who are excited about being on board the beautiful train from Cape Town to Cairo. The journey we believe will include the passionate, compassionate, courageous and the walk the talk game changers who are tired of getting tired of the status quo in Africa.

Through generating personal income dividend

Through stimulating development in Africa

Why Join Ubuntu Mutual Fund?

Initiating economic development  in Africa where it is mostly needed starts from within a person as a being. It takes courage, a significant degree of empathy, compassion and most importantly personal values and individual development. In this case, an Ubuntu Initiative Fund member and contributor’s benefits are in twofold:

Personal Level
The Fund is created to benefit members who will ultimately use their capabilities and entrepreneurial creativities to benefit the broader African communities in Africa.

  • The fund is therefore set in a way that each member who contributes a certain amount per year will earn a compounded interest return on his/her investment. For example if a member invests €200 at a 5% annual interest at the end of the year the person will have €200(1,05)=€210.
  • Here is the bigger picture. Since our main objective is stimulating development in African countries, individual members who have a project which needs large amounts of funds for investment will approach the Ubuntu Fund Initiative for funding. The project will be assessed by the Ubuntu Fund Board members in consultation with its Dutch bank. If the project is approved, the member (s) will be given the funds to start their own businesses. The loan given to the individuals will also be at an acceptable interest rate to be paid yearly. This is because the Initiative needs to raise money so that it can help a lot of individuals with different projects.

Societal Level
From building up a society, in a way, people will also be building up themselves. When the society benefits, you also benefit because you are part of the society at large. At a societal level, our members will benefit tremendously by executing their skills and knowledge, love, compassion and values in their own societies. Ubuntu fund project members will therefore:

  • Create jobs in the most impoverished societies in Africa. This will help members of the society to have a sustainable income for their families and friends and be able to afford basic commodities and services such as food and education. In other words, it is an opportunity for Ubuntu Fund beneficiaries to raise the standard of living for many Africans living in poverty.
  • Ubuntu Fund beneficiaries will also be initiating economic development in many parts of Africa. This spirit of economic development starts from here and now. It is therefore crucial to be part of the majority of the progressive forces that are directing their energy to uplifting our communities from the economic woes that are honestly solvable. The leading inspirational statement to guide us should may be that of J. F. Kennedy, “ Ask not what your society (country) can do for you but, ask what you can do for your society (country)”.